The Beauty of a Book

Pictured: Anita Ekberg

For now I'd like to set aside the reviews and opinions I've seen so far about Red Lory. I'd like to introduce the story to you on my own terms. Imagine this as me walking out on stage before the curtain is lifted and the show begins.

The story you'll read is, I can say with confidence, one that has not been told before. Its roots are buried deep in my childhood, its branches extend far into my adult experiences.

But what is on that tree? What has grown from it?

In the case of Red Lory, four people and a strange red parrot have grown from the tree. They've grown together in an acutely straightforward plot that's equally twisted, their fates bound to each other. And if you look very closely, I do believe this bird, this seemingly simple red parrot, will be smiling at you. 

I hope you enjoy reading Red Lory, meeting its characters, and walking along the streets of this small, slow town I've called Hill. Instead of me pouring my thoughts into the story's pages, Red Lory caught my imagination and took me for a ride that I never saw coming.

That's the beauty of a book.


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Red Lory