Red Lory Audiobook Update

With all the recent excitement of the movie deal, the production phase of the Red Lory audiobook continued under the radar and has been completed.  I started the entire project about a month ago without any idea of who might narrate the story or where I should begin.


I forget how it happened, but I found and the rest is history. Within the space of a few days, I got a surprising number of auditions - all of them incredibly good. Several were Oscar-winning voice actors who had worked in major productions. With the help of a group of people we unanimously selected Richard Henzel. It was a dream come true for an independent author like me who otherwise wouldn't have been able to connect with Richard and the other candidates.

Richard began production right away, recording chapters at a steady pace. We began to Skype in the evenings for quality checks, and before we knew it the audiobook was finished. 


Richard's voice is perfect for the book. A deep, rich voice that can carry you easily through the story just as it has in his many Mark Twain recordings.  (I highly recommend his recording of Puddn'head Wilson). I never realized just how much of an art form narration/voice-acting is until I saw him record. Beyond that, he took the time to understand the story and its characters. Readers have said Red Lory is a complex book that leaves much up to the imagination. He realized that and leaves much to the listener while still delivering his interpretation of the characters and their demeanor.

He's said that Red Lory is the best novel he's read in years. Judging from the enthusiasm and attention to detail he brings, I believe he feels that way about every project he works on. So Richard: "Thank you. It has been an honor to work with you. You read the book as if it had been written for just your voice all along."


So here's the scoop. ACX has given me a 14 - 20 day timeline. Somewhere between those days is when Red Lory will be available for purchase from, or the iTunes store. The audiobook is 4.9 hours long - long enough to cover several days of commutes to work but short enough so you don't forget whatever it was that happened in the first chapter. I hope you'll enjoy the recording as much as I have.