See Dave Run

I've been running for close to two years now. Beforehand, I'd just been thinking about it. [caption id="attachment_22" align="aligncenter" width="531"] This isn't me, but it's a picture of someone running so it applies.[/caption]

My upbringing wasn't one that fostered independent thinking. I was told what my beliefs, standards, and philosophy should be. I'm running from that - from being told what I believe from men and women who present themselves as having achieved total self-control and live as a saint would.

I'm not running out of fear. I'm running to make up for lost time. In the past year I've finished rough drafts for a set of novels, both centered on the idea of evil residing in the most unlikely of places. Human depravity isn't always wearing a black hat. Sometimes it's wearing a neatly-pressed suit and waistcoat while carrying a doctor's bag as in the case of Dr. Douglas Howard in my Red Lory project.

Over the next few months I'll begin to post more frequently about my philosophy and how it has influenced my writing. I'm interested to hear your thoughts at the same time. My end goal is not to convince you of my beliefs. On one level, I write to entertain. On another, I'd like to encourage independent thinking. I'll consider myself successful should I achieve either of those goals. Of course, I'll also be updating you on my progress toward getting these books published. I look forward to hearing from you and having you join me as we go for a run.