Novel Release Announcement

I remember the very moment I decided on a name for my parakeet. My mom and I were going to the grocery store, and we'd stopped at the T-intersection leading from our neighborhood. I looked to the right to check for cars just as she did.

"What will you name him?" she asked.

I thought of Captain Flint, Long John Silver's parrot.

"Silly question," I probably thought.

"Captain," I said.

Reading books and becoming a part of the world found within the pages has always been a part of my life. My brother Jonathan gave me Treasure Island as a Christmas gift when I was six. It's a prized possession of mine.

Since that Christmas gift, I've taken many journeys with the tour guides being Jules Verne, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, Daniel Woodrell, Cormac McCarthy, and Ron Hansen. I've watched them just as much as I have their stories.

I began to write in elementary school, but the stories only amounted to more clutter in my room and possibly concerned parents. I wrote humorous stories in high school and got some giggles. I wrote even more in college and got louder giggles. Something happened after college though, and I stopped writing altogether. Between a job that didn't encourage creativity and a general lack of incentive, writing was no longer a priority.

Then I remembered something a college professor told me: "When you're on your deathbed, I pray you don't regret your choice to stop writing."

I now have two full-length novels in hand. One of them will be published on November 2, 2012.

Red Lory has always been in the back of my mind. It's a story my brother Jonathan and my bird Captain inspired with a small idea when I was years shy of ten. That small idea has grown for over twenty years. I hope you'll read it, enjoy it, and pass it along.

It's a story about love, human depravity, and their correlation:

"Douglas Howard’s career as a small-town physician is crumbling. Enraptured by Mrs. King, the calculating wife of a wealthy but dying patient, they settle behind closed doors determined to stave off loneliness. Equally desperate is Dr. Howard’s beguiling secretary, Miss Derringer, whose own troubles become their own.

What follows is a fatal scandal and an exploration of human expression, desire, and manipulation all in the name of love."

For numerous reasons I've made the decision to self-publish this book although I'll continue to seek a traditional route for my other manuscript. I've hired people to help me produce a quality story I trust you'll enjoy but also think about once you've finished it.

Red Lory will be available on November 2, 2012 on Amazon Kindle and paperback. Head up to the top of the blog and subscribe to my Author Facebook page so you'll be in the loop when I release a book excerpt. The cover art will be something to scream about, and you'll see it on November 2 when Red Lory becomes available.