Oct 10, 1960 - The Manhunt

If someone were to ask me what The Andy Griffith Show was about, I'd likely show them this episode. It has everything in it - Andy and Opie fishing on the lake, an escaped convict, the condescending State Police, Barney Fife at his finest, and Andy with the strongest country accent of the entire series.

The first time I saw this I was about Opie's age. I remember this episode so well because weeks before I'd missed it when it aired on television. A few weeks later I noticed it was in the TV listings. I was sure to set the VCR (one of the first tasks I learned) this time. I wasn't about to leave my fate up to the very unreliable local television station in case they never aired it again.

A couple things struck me as funny then with this episode and still do. The chief one being how funny it was that Andy was so entranced by the board and magnets the State Police brought to plan the recapturing of an escaped convict. I have a lot of scenes to choose from as my favorite - what is yours?

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